Why do men leave? The spark of a relationship is stimulating and full of thrilling actions. However, a couple may not think of the possibilities of breaking later in the course of a relationship. Everything that has a beginning has an end but not at all. Women should realize the feasible grounds of  and why do men leave. In this article, many women will perceive the truth behind every failing relationship.

As a man, I have listed below the reasons why men leave relationships. Women must understand the things and manners that we don’t want them to do or act. In this way, they will discover the issues revolving around inner needs clearly revealed by a man itself.

The Killer Three Reasons Why Do Men Leave

1. Controlling Behaviour:

-Why men leave? “She who is least controlling controls a relationship” but what if you see yourself the other way around. My ex-girlfriend thinks that she owns me, as I am her property and her toy. I find it extremely sexy every time she controls and impulse me to stay with her instead of hanging out with my friends at first. In the long run, I found myself neglecting my typical routines and even missed my basketball game.

Ladies I suggest you should not attempt to act like a police woman and your man as a foolish property. Men understand that you need to be with them; yet overtly attempting to force loyalty triggers a more wide affection for us in the opposite sex.

Why do men leave ? Clinginess:

– Give your Man a life! Do you need to be with him around the clock? This approach is a total downer and not alluring to men. Let him have a breathing space outside the relationship. Allow him to take alternative ways of pulling happiness and not get entangled that will lead him out of such connection.

Boring Routine?

-Will waking up with the same routine entice men and plead for more? Not exactly what I dreamed of with my partner. Men like me like challenges, endless competition that will make our head turn and spin for luck. A man is genetically wired to compete with the possible mate.

Why do men leave and How to control it?

You need to regain your best value and be what you are the first time you spent with together. Don’t let boring routine take over and find that you are losing him gradually.

If you discovery similar issues why do men leave women, salvage your relationship and begin it today.


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