How To Get Your Boyfriend Back Secrets

So you genuinely want to know how to get your boyfriend back, but you are lost on how to get him. In addition to that, keeping him is even a greater mystery. Toward the end of your relationship before you broke up things seemed to go sour, every conversation turned into an argument, and you wondered where did the fire go. Wow you think things just got stale from an amazing start.

Well, if this describes your relationship, then lose your worries because I can show you how to get your love back. Matt Houston’s book Get Him Back Forever reveals many little know secrets that can certainly get you on track to winning him back.  Here are 7 tips that can dramatically change your relationship with your boyfriend. And, create an AMAZING love relationship that will be getting him back before you know it.

 1. Forget Being Best Friends

For starters this is the first step for how to get your boyfriend back, and keep him. This may be the most misunderstood and controversial part of a love relationships, but it is extremely vital.  Of course, it’s essential to be friends, but this type of “best friends” relationship can kill you SEX life as it takes the backseat as you turn into roommates.  You easily lose the excitement you had in the start of your relationship. Keep this “best friends” for your girlfriends and give this sexy energy connection for your boyfriend. I think you know what I mean because this happens all the time. How do you do this you ask? Well one or two nights a week create a sexy atmosphere that leads to love making.

2. Make Love Often!

Ok on to the good stuff! “Those who play together, stay together” still applies. It’s so easy, to have that healthy love relationship, you must have love in it. Create a loving environment and do not wait until the mood awakens you. Take your lovers hand and lead him into the bedroom. Now you can feel comfortable creating this healthy love life. You can feel comfortable making love and connecting at an emotional and physical level. How often should you workout each week? 3 times and why not make love three times a week? This is win-win with a closer connection and a much healthier relationship. Sometimes we forget about the basics that made us great in the first place.

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3. Small Gifts Create Magic

Small unexpected gifts are always the best gifts. Our minds always think bigger is better but just remember the gifts you cherished the most on Christmas day. These small unexpected gifts show you love him. These unexpected gifts mean more that the ones we get on our birthdays or even Christmas combined. It also shows him that gifts don’t have to be expensive. This tremendously helps when you get him back, and you want to keep him. These three changes alone will totally change your relationship, but we have more to go!

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4. Keep It Positive

Make love not war to get your ex boyfriend back

Negative words out of anger never help! Create a daily habit of speaking well of your boyfriend. Show appreciation by giving him daily complements. They go along way! Negative words only hurt. Sweet words may just the thing to get him back. Create an atmosphere where you can communicate openly and without judgment. Give him complements for allowing you to understand him more. Keep the positive vibes going on a daily basis. Love him and you will get him back. Men want to be understood. If you listen to him for understanding, getting him back will be an easier job than you realize. Get him back for ever goes into much greater detail so you truly get an understanding about what goes on in a male brain.

5. Sometimes You Need A Break To Be More Spontaneous

Give each other a break by creating space with no phone calls and no internet communications. Breaking the pattern of repeating the same old conversations is a powerful tool to bringing fresh energy to your boyfriend.  Adding fresh subjects to your conversations is an excellent way of bringing new life into your daily relationship and increase the chance for getting him back. Routines even in your phone calls create boredom and stagnation. Break your pattern and give each other a burst of renewed energy with fresh interactions. This way, the next time you are with your boyfriend you can create a brand new surprise.  You can create a romantic homemade dinner with candlelight, soft music and wine. This will get the blood boiling in the right direction. Wow this is a great way for how to get your boyfriend back.

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6. It’s A Two Way Street!

Just a silly video for you to enjoy.

You may not always agree with each other’s tastes in sports, tv, foods etc. But a tremendously pivotal part of relationships is to understand the others outlook on life and the things it has to offer. Matt Houston’s book How To Get Him Back Forever gives you and excellent plan. Believe me, he will be flattered just knowing you care and of course vice-versa. This way you will understand where they come from. One last point, some relationships are just not made to be. Stay open to this idea and if your relationship does not work out you now have better tools to make the next more perfect relationship work. But first you can use these tools for how to get your boyfriend back.


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