THREE potent guidelines to get him back?

These guidelines require strength of mind, and they certainly work if you follow the plan. Men’s minds are wired remarkably different from women’s. If you understand key elements of his makeup, you will have the advantage to get him back. I’ve heard a woman saying, “I gave up my life for him, but he still left me”, or “I stopped enjoying time with my friends for him”, or “We were so much in love. But what happened”. He was not invested at the same level in the relationship as you were. These tips or guidelines will instruct you on how to get your boyfriend back and will guarantee if he comes back he is as invested just as much as you are.

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1. Do not call, text, email or have any type of contact with him for three weeks. This WILL drive him crazy.  Do not ask his friends or family what he is up to or do any type of research to discover what he is doing with his life. Do not answer his calls, texts, emails or any types of his communications with you. This way he will be curious and wondering what you are up to. It would be even better if you changed your voice mail to say something like, “I am out having lots of fun so leave a message and I will get back to you when I can”. This shows you have a life and it includes fun. These are great strategies to get your boyfriend back. Fun is your priority and answering the phone is down the list somewhere.  Now go have some fun so you have a fighting chance.

2.  Once you are around him you must act casual and relaxed, not needy in any way. He will not expect this and it shows your strength he greatly desires. In this way, you show him, you actually value who you truly are and the life you are creating.  This will show him you don’t need him. This confident casual demeanor will be the best thing you can do to get him back.

After this three week period of time see him only occasionally for the next few weeks. Start the relationship slowly. Make him desire what he can’t have. Don’t tell him you want him back.  Don’t tell him he has to do certain things to get you back. He will figure this out. If he demonstrates that he deserves you then you might be able to find a bit of time to occasionally be with him.  Let this “new relationship be natural and take it’s own course. He must show you the new improved self. Just know that men want what he has to work for, rather than what comes easily. Be the prize in his eyes only after he has earned it and your chances to get him back dramatically increase.

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3. Let him show you he values you as his only girlfriend with possibilities for a future that includes you. Show him you have other possibilities without him, if that’s what it takes. The way you do this is have a life outside of him. As far as he can tell, you don’t care one way or another. Show self-control even if you feel out of control! Be cool no matter what.  Let him know you have another life outside his. You will need to see where you can fit him into your new life. You will get him back staying the course on these strategies.

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Fun thing like tennis, dance classes, and yoga will get him back.

Outside activities increases your value in his eyes. This can even make him fearfully uneasy. He may fear he has lost any chances with you. He will desire you even more and actually work to get you back. Have faith in yourself!

This may seem like these “get him back” strategies are game playing.

In reality, you need to make sure he is completely attracted to you and wants you and only you, or you will lose him again. Don’t invest more time attempting to “make it work”. The whole dynamics of the relationship must change in your favor if you truly want him. He must truly desire YOU and only YOU! He needs to be worthy of the time he spends with you. My dear, THIS is how you get him back!

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This is how you get him back:)

The past unhealthy dynamics are over forever! He is going to test you. Be strong! He may pressure you. Stay true to your principals! He will try to move this budding relationship very fast. Slow down! Don’t settle! Create a relationship with a foundation for success! He will admire you and fall completely in love with you over and over again. This is how you get him back forever!



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